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Smart Thermostat

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Requires purchase of monthly service plan. For terms and pricing, click hereSmart Thermostat products require an ADT Hub to work.

Works with almost any heating and cooling systems, including up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling, multiple zones, heating pumps and dual fuel systems 

Custom schedules automatically adjust thermostat settings based on day, time and temperature 

Activity from devices and sensors around the home is captured to make better decisions and more accurately optimize savings and comfort for the individual household


Smart Thermostat products require an ADT Hub to work.

Designed specifically for the smart home, the Smart Thermostat combines streamlined hardware, sophisticated cloud services and an ecosystem of connected devices for an uncompromising energy management solution. 

Data from inside and outside the home allows the thermostat to automatically respond to activity, occupancy and weather patterns. 

Included accessories 

- Smart thermostat and backplate

- Mounting hardware

- 4 AA batteries

- Wire labels

- Installation guide

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Please review this table to learn which ADT monthly plan best suits your needs.

Product groups

Number of product group

Number of products

Required Monthly Plan

Additional Requirement

Video Surveillance1 


Access Control2 


Energy Saving3



Smart Home – Essential  $4.95/month


Video Surveillance and Access Control
Video Surveillance and Energy Saving
Access Control and Energy Saving



Smart Home - Control  $9.95/month

 ADT Hub

Video Surveillance

Access Control


Energy Saving



Smart Home -Connected $9.95/month


1Video Surveillance products - Indoor Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, Video Doorbell

2Access Control products – Door Locks

3Energy Saving products – Thermostats

Temperature notifications

By setting a temperature range on the account, the Smart Thermostat will send an alert if the temperature exceeds the desired limits. It will also inform the user if the thermostat temperature has been adjusted.

Humidity control

Humidity can be controlled by setting custom thresholds on the account. If levels exceed the desired limits, the Smart Thermostat will trigger the humidifier or dehumidifier to run.

Smart schedules

Create personalized schedules to automate the temperature based on the time and day of week, keeping the house comfortable for every lifestyle.


The temperature can automatically adjust depending on the user’s smartphone location. By customizing the account’s Geo-Fence, the Smart Thermostat will update upon entering or exiting the perimeters set.

Fan circulation

When the system is not set to heat or cool, the fan will periodically continue to run to circulate the air and create even temperatures from room to room.

Easy installation

Installation is simple and requires screws for an easy wiring connection.

Technical Specifications

Model #


Firmware version


Z-Wave Plus Certified







4” x 4.75” x 1”

Operating Temperature range

0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Power requirements

(4) AA Batteries or 24V Power

Setpoint resolution

.5°C (1°F)

Setpoint accuracy

+/- 1.5°F

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